More parking woes for local residents

Witchden Road is closed for 14 months
Witchden Road is closed for 14 months

Residents in Witchden Road, Brechin, have been left to find new parking places after Angus Council informed them vehicular access would be withdrawn.

Residents were notified by letter that, as of July 6, the road would be closed entirely due to the ongoing flood prevention works.

The news comes months after residents fought to ensure they could access their driveways at the start of the works.

Robert Carroll, who spoke to the Brechiner about the original parking issues, said: “We have been told by the council that they are reversing their decision to allow us access and are now going to close the road on Monday, July 6. This is after sending us all letters in January telling us that access to our driveways would be maintained during the works.

“We have been informed that we should park on Montrose Street or in the Leisure centre car park. Anyone who knows the area will understand that adding the cars from Witchden Road to Montrose Street, where parking is already an issue, will create issues for residents of Montrose Street, along with other visitors. There has already been issues where cars have been vandalised in the leisure centre car park and if there is a sudden influx of cars parked there overnight it could be a magnet for vandals / thieves.

“The residents of Witchden Road have come together on this and were willing to talk to/work with the council – this feeling of co-operation is diminishing. We are now back to square one and we believe that the need to close off the road is borne out of making life easier for the contractors/council and not with consideration for the residents.”

A council spokesperson said: “Angus Council would like to thank residents for their continued forbearance while this important programme of works is carried out.

“While we do endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum, we fully appreciate this multimillion pound project to alleviate flood risk has caused some inconvenience for residents and businesses in the area.

“Roadworks and occasional road closures are necessary at intervals during the scheme, but we hope that when complete the project will deliver meaningful long term environmental and social benefits to everyone concerned.

“Further information on the flood alleviation works is available on our Brechin Flood Prevention Scheme webpages and people can email or contact ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 with any inquiries.”