MP backs calls for stronger recall laws

Mike Weir, MP for Angus, is supporting calls for the proposed Recall of MPs Bill to be strengthened to put the process in the hands of constituents rather than Parliament.

Commenting on the matter Mr Weir said: “The current bill is a step forward but it still leaves the process in the hands of Parliament with a committee of MPs making the decision on recall after a petition from constituents. This is not what people understood to be a proper recall system proposed prior to the last General Election.

“The current bill only applies if an MP has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment or suspended from the Commons for a period exceeding 21 days.

“The amendments proposed would put the process firmly into the hands of electors by ensuring that once a “notice of intention” had been signed by five per cent of voters in a constituency, a formal petition would be called and if that was signed in person by 20 per cent of the electorate within eight weeks it would automatically trigger a recall referendum.

“I believe that the percentages are a reasonable number to show that there is a real concern and wish to have a recall Referendum, but high enough to prevent use by vexatious organisations.”