MP questions UK government’s energy priorities

Angus MP Mike Weir questioned the UK government’s priorities on energy production during the Annual Energy Statement in the House of Commons.

He suggested that the imbalance between nuclear and offshore wind could jeopardise important energy and economic development in Angus.

He said: “If the UK government is serious about taking steps to ensure our energy supply, they would ensure the UK government invests appropriately in our energy sector instead of the eye watering level of money being spent on nuclear power.

“In contrast to the billions being spent on Hinkley C. Nuclear Power station, offshore wind is having to compete in the first round of Contract for Difference allocations with other less developed technologies. This probably means that at most only one major project will get funding at this stage, despite the fact that three are proposed off the coast of Angus alone.

“Unless the UK government gives the support required then we will not see the production of this energy, or the economic growth which would follow. This runs against the UK government’s own stated aims in its offshore wind industrial strategy.”