MSP welcomes move to ban legal high materials

Angus North and Mearns MSP, Nigel Don
Angus North and Mearns MSP, Nigel Don

Angus North and Mearns MSP, Nigel Don, has welcomed the news that some materials used in new psychoactive materials, or ‘legal highs’, have been banned.

Action by the UK Government has meant some of the ingredients used to make new psychoactive materials are classed as dangerous drugs, and the sale of them can lead to up to 14 years in prison.

Discussing the move, Mr Don said: “This action by the UK government provides a welcome weapon in the armoury of the police and it also sends a very clear message to those who deal in these substances that their time is up.”

The MSP has been active in battling legal highs in the area, and has helped a group from Forfar with their petition against the opening of a store selling the product in the town.

During a parliamentary question session, he drew attention to the petition, adding: “The minister agreed to meet me shortly to discuss the issues raised and what further actions can be taken to protect our folk from the temptation to dabble with these enormously dangerous materials.”