MSPs take winter safety car advice

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Angus MSPs Graeme Dey and Nigel Don are taking police advice on how drivers can ensure their safety this winter by keeping essential kit in the boots of their cars.

The two MSPs met Inspector Grant Edwards of Tayside Police who explained what every motorist should carry to stay safe.

Inspector Edwards, Traffic Inspector for Angus, said: “Ice scraper and de-icer, a chamois or microfibre cloth are ideal for cleaning windows both internally and externally. It’s sensible to have additional supplies of windscreen washer fluid and water to top up during a journey.

“If you get stranded, there are some essential pieces of kit to help keep you safe until the emergency services arrive. These are a torch, a shovel (if it is likely to snow on your journey), warm clothes and a blanket, a pair of boots, first aid kit, food and a warm drink in a flask during particularly cold weather.”

Commenting on the visit, Mr Don, who is the MSP for Angus North and Mearns, said: “I urge constituents to be safe, take 10 minutes to look around and see if you have any of the recommended kit. You might find an old fleece or a duvet in the bottom of a cupboard which you could keep in the boot of your car. For safety’s sake it would make sense to buy any missing items of essential kit.”

Mr Dey, who is the MSP for Angus South, said: “Having these winter driving essentials in our vehicles at the very least offers peace of mind and if the weather does deteriorate then we’ll be equipped to cope”.

Both MSPs cover very large constituencies which include rural areas and snowbound glens.

They have pledged to take the police advice and are urging family, friends and constituents to do the same.