NFU Scotland to host Angus husting

NFU Scotland is hosting a husting meeting in Angus next week, ahead of the General Election in May.

The Union launched its General Election manifesto on March 25, detailing the key issues the Union would like to see UK politicians acting on now to secure the vibrancy of the Scottish farming industry for the future.

The husting meeting is due to take place at the Finavon Hotel, Forfar on Tuesday, April 14. The event starts at 7 p.m. and is open to everyone with an interest in agriculture who lives and works in the local area and will be an opportunity to put questions to candidates from all the main political parties.

This is part of a series of meetings to be held across the country over the next five weeks.

In particular, NFUS is calling upon the team of politicians who will be elected on May 7 to support Scottish farmers by promoting Scotland’s larder at home and abroad, which will also be key over the next five years. The Union is also calling upon UK politicians to consider a more co-ordinated approach to export promotion and fairness in the supply chain.

The Union urges for the undertaking an urgent review of the UK Government’s decision on CAP convergence monies; as well as looking more closely at what tax levers could be employed to incentivise best practice in land ownership and business investment in Scotland.

Regional Manager for East Central Kate Maitland, commented: “The General Election on May 7 is likely to be historic, with a number of new political parties and ideas emerging on to the main stage.

“The event will be a valuable opportunity to put questions to the panel on many of the key issues currently facing Scottish farmers – how we can promote Scotland’s fantastic produce at home and abroad, Scotland’s future in the EU, and indeed in the UK.

“Following the fantastic engagement of the rural community in last year’s referendum on independence, NFUS urges all members and those living and working in rural Scotland to use this opportunity to quiz candidates on what their vision is for the future of our sector.”