Nigel Don hitting the right notes

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While he was out and about in Brechin recently Nigel Don, SNP candidate for Angus North and Mearns, popped into Adagio Music in the High Street and had the pleasure of playing both cello and piano with Fiona Murray-Knowles and her daughter Siobhan in an impromptu ‘cellothon’.

Fiona and her business partner Donna Balfour took the brave step of setting up their music shop business almost a year ago and have been delighted with the response they’ve had.

Fiona stated: “We feel that we tapped into a niche market at just the right time and have done well over the year.”

Fiona also plays cello in the Tayside Symphony Orchestra and is involved with Brechin schools from time to time with special musical events.

Nigel commented: “I am very keen to support local businesses as well as local communities and organisations and I am proud to stand on the record of what the SNP Scottish Government has done for people the length and breadth of Scotland. Over the last four years the SNP has slashed or abolished rates for some 80,000 small firms and local employers.

“It is one of the core achievements of our first four years in Government and has had a huge impact for small firms.

“We want to protect the progress made for small businesses over the last four years and with Scotland’s small businesses pledging their support online and sharing their support with colleagues and customers a re-elected SNP Government can and will keep the small business bonus.”