Plans for quarry at site near Edzell

A PROPOSAL to quarry sand and gravel on land to the east/south east of Edzell Wood looks set to be given the planning green light.

At the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday) a proposal for the works was going before Angus Council’s development standards committee that same day, with a recommendation by officials to grant conditional approval.

Full planning permission is being sought for the establishment of a quarry for the extraction, processing and despatch of sand and gravel, including the change of use of Struan Farmhouse and buildings to site offices and facilities.

The proposed site would be 90.7 hectares, of which 65.3 hectares would be for extraction, with the site being split in two because of the location of a gas pipe through the proposed land.

The site would be in operation 50 weeks a year, working five and a half days a week.

Loading work would start at 6.30 am, with processing taking place between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday and until 1 pm Saturday.

Outwith these hours operations will be confined to maintenance, testing and emergency works.

The site is expected to last at least 35 years, with some 2.8 million tonnes of sand and gravel being extracted during that time. 80,000 tonnes of sand and gravel will be extracted per annum.

It is proposed that no more than 10% of the land would be worked at any one time and the land would be restored once the work was completed.

Restoration works to the land will take approximately one year following the cessation of the operations.

It is proposed that lorries will access the site from the A90 and through Inchbare, with lorries only travelling through Edzell only when required.

The site will be a dry working site with waste water being controlled by SEPA.

Director of infrastructure Eric Lowson, in recommending conditional approval of the application in his report to committee, said: “The sand and gravel quarry is required in order to meet market requirements and maintain a 10 year supply of minerals as required by development plan and national policy guidance.

“The proposal will safeguard employment and support the construction industry.”