Politicians welcome decision to stop selling legal high products in Angus

The news that new psychoactive substances (NSP), or ‘legal highs’, will no longer be sold in Angus head shops have been welcomed by Angus Liberal Democrats.

However, they have called on the shop owner to close the Arbroath And Montrose shops immediately.

The campaign against Legal Highs in Angus has led to the owner making the decision to stop selling them. In addition, the Lib Dem led policy to make NSPs illegal in future will mean that the products cannot be legally sold.

Lib Dem campaigner for Angus, Sanjay Samani, a member of the Montrose Against Legal Highs Group said: “Angus Lib Dems have fully supported the Montrose and Arbroath Against Legal Highs and we are delighted to see that their campaigns will be successful. Many parents have been concerned about the effects these Head shops are having on their children.”

Angus Lib Dem councillor David May added: “I am delighted with the news that these shops will soon stop selling Legal Highs but they should stop selling them right now. They have been a blight on Montrose and Arbroath for several years. It is fantastic to see a grass roots campaign get wide spread backing from the community and be successful.

“Everyone who has backed the Montrose and Arbroath Against Legal Highs should be congratulated on their success and thanked for their hard work.”

“Too many of our residents of all ages, including many youngsters have suffered as a result of easy access to cheap drugs. We have to take a more grown up approach and help victims of drug abuse, by understanding what led them to drugs in the first place. We also need to stop an easy supply of cheap dangerous drugs.

“That is why I am delighted Lib Dem Government ministers have, despite Tory opposition, indicated that these drugs should be made illegal in future and proper treatment provided for those who have become addicted.”