Proposal to move laundry service

Angus Council’s social and health committee has been asked to approve a move of the county’s laundry service from Brechin to Forfar.

At the committee meeting held yesterday (Tuesday), the committee was recommended to approve the proposed changes to the eligibility criteria for the service and approve the proposed move of the laundry from St Drostan’s in Brechin to Beech Hill in Forfar.

The proposed change in criteria will see those with problems with continence and who have no access to laundry facilities or those with a medical condition which means that they need to change bedding or clothing often and have no access to laundry facilities will be eligible. The changes would come into effect in October.

In her report, Margo Williamson, strategic director people, said: “If you satisfy one of the conditions above and have access to laundry facilities but nobody in your household is able to use them, social work staff may help you to find a service that will assist you, based on an assessment of your needs.”

The service will remain free for users, and will cover the laundering of bedding and clothing of the assessed person. Where people do not meet the criteria their service will end, and staff will assist them to look for an alternative solution.

The change will result in job losses, with Ms Williamson explaining: “The laundry service currently employs five staff (four x full time equivalent), one driver, three laundry assistants (two FTE) and one supervisor. The change will mean that we will only require one laundry Assistant and one driver, meaning that two FTE jobs (i.e. two staff members) within the laundry service will be removed.

“Natural turnover and redeployment will support this reduction but it is probable that the service will also need to consider ER/VR and compulsory redundancies.”

The changes are part of a bid to make savings, with the report adding: “The savings which can realistically be realised from this review will amount to £55,226 per annum.”