Rent arrears fall again

ANGUS Council rent arrears have fallen for the third consecutive year.

Current levels of rent arrears have fallen from 7.70% at the beginning of the last financial year to 7.09%.

In March 2012 there were 2,200 current tenants and 1,560 former tenants in arrears, owing a total of £1,206,257.22. This was a drop of £3811,354.80 on the previous quarter. More than 11,500 visits were made to tenants in the last financial year.

Councillor Donald Morrison, Convener of Neighbourhood Services, said: “We will always be supportive of our tenants and make every effort to assist when they are in difficulties, particularly in the context of forthcoming welfare reforms and their impact on some households. However, we will continue our efforts to drive down rent arrears still further and will take the necessary action against those tenants who habitually refuse to pay rent.”