Report on SNP’s spring conference

At the monthly meeting of the Brechin SNP branch members received a full report of the party’s Spring Conference from those who had attended.

Members heard that four-five overspill areas were required for all to hear the speeches from Party Leader, First Minister Alex Salmond and Depute Leader, Deputy First Minister Nicola.

Convener Jim Houston reported: “The atmosphere at spring conference was thrilling. There was such a buzz about the whole area and the upbeat positive messages from all the party spokespersons meant that we have returned to our constituencies and branches fully enthused for the coming local government elections and the referendum campaign.”

Councillor Mairi Evans added: “I have now attended quite a few conferences and I can truly say that the enthusiasm for the local election campaign stretches to all corners of Scotland and that the impetus will continue into the campaign for the Referendum on Scottish Independence. The party is standing 600 candidates across Scotland.”

Members also heard from those who had visited the Scottish Parliament with other members of the constituency association to sit in on First Minister’s Questions and some of the afternoon debate. Doug Hutcheson commented: “Any member of the public can visit the Scottish Parliament and sit in on debates. Think about it next time you visit Edinburgh. Details of free guided tours and access to debates can be found at:”

Campaign organiser David Smart outlined plans for the local council elections and was assured that members are ready and willing for the campaign.