Research to inform child support services

The information gathered in a recent children’s wellbeing research project will help inform how early support services for children and young people in Angus are planned and targeted.

The Children’s Wellbeing Research Project, which took place at the end of last year, gathered detailed information about the needs of Angus’ children and young people, from 0 – 16 years.

The findings from the project, which surveyed families from across the county, will now help local planning partners to identify and quantify key developmental outcomes for children and young people and prioritise areas for improvement.

Angus Council’s spokesperson for children and learning, Councillor Sheena Welsh said: “The high level findings of the research provide important information on key developmental outcomes for our children and young people. Further analysis is now underway which will give us a clearer picture of children’s needs in specific areas of Angus.”

The research findings for Angus are in line with those from the other local authorities who took part in the project.

Councillor Welsh concluded by saying: “On the basis of the initial findings we have identified three key priorities for the Angus Community Planning Partnership - poor early social and emotional development (0-5 years), poor engagement with school (9-16yrs), and early initiation of substance use (12-16yrs). Addressing these issues at an early stage will help us promote better outcomes for all children and young people in Angus.”