Uplifting resolution to elevator’s break downs

Airlie Gardens in Brechin
Airlie Gardens in Brechin

Following last week’s letter to the editor, enquiring about the lift situation at Airlie Gardens in Brechin, Angus Council has assured the Brechiner that the issue has been resolved.

As reported in October last year, the sheltered housing complex had experienced problems with the building’s lift, which often left those who relied on it stranded.

At the time, resident Sam Balfour, said that in the seven years that he was in residence at Airlie Gardens before the new lift, the old one broke down just once.

He explained: “But the new lift has broken down around 40 times, with 12 break-downs this year alone.”

Once the situation was brought to light, the council worked with the lift manufacturer Pickering to resolve the problem and there has been no repeat of the multiple break downs that had plagued residents last year.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “We worked with the lift manufacturer to locate the possible cause.

“We replaced the lift parts in October which resulted in the problem being solved.

“There were no reported faults with the lift until February 13 when we had a call out request. This was an unrelated fault which corrected itself once the lift was reset onsite.”