Voters urged to return signature forms in time

The Electoral Registration Officer for Angus is urging voters who received a request to provide a signature to return the form as early as possible.

This process, which is a requirement of current legislation, is intended to ensure that postal and proxy voters whose signatures may have changed over time don’t lose their vote because their signature no longer matches that on their application.

Alistair Kirkwood, electoral registration officer for Angus, said: “All registered electors have the option to vote by post, or to appoint a proxy vote on their behalf if they are unable to vote in person at the polling station and absent voting can be more convenient for many electors. Anyone who does not return their form by September 11 will be notified that they will need to vote in person at their designated polling station.”

Anyone wishing to use these methods, but is unable to sign a voting form, they should apply to the electoral registration officer for a waiver which will mean that they would not need to supply a signature. For queries regarding absent voting or electoral registration, please call the electoral office in Forfar on 01307 462416.