Weir meets with pension campaigners

Pictured is Mr Weir with campaigners
Pictured is Mr Weir with campaigners

Angus MP Mike Weir met with women who are campaigning for fair pensions outside Parliament this week.

Following the meeting, Mr Weir has said the UK government must use the Autumn Statement to “right a wrong” on women’s pension inequality and criticised the government for “ducking their responsibility” to millions of women hit by unfair pension changes.

Mr Weir has argued that transitional measures to mitigate the issue would cost significantly less than the UK government’s £30 billion figure, with independent research commissioned by the SNP showing the cost would only sit at £8 billion.

Commenting on the matter Mr Weir said that it was a serious issue for Angus, continuing: “It is estimated that over 4000 women in Angus are affected by this matter, many of them being completely unaware of the changes being introduced.

“The UK government has for far too long been ducking their responsibility on introducing measures that would deliver justice to WASPI campaigners and those affected by the rapid rises to the State Pension Age.

“Many women in Angus had planned for their retirement on the basis that they would receive their pensions at 60 but suddenly found this was changed without adequate warning leaving them in an impossible position.

“No-one is arguing against the equalisation of the State Pension Age however, but about the way it has been done. These women have paid National Insurance contributions and are due their pension.”