Westminster “does not care” about Scotland says MSP

Angus North and Mearns MSP Nigel Don has hit out over Employment Minister Esther McVey refusal to attend the Welfare Reform Committee.

Mr Don has joined his colleagues in his condemnation of Ms McVey and the UK government for “not caring” about Scotland’s most vulnerable people.

This is the eighth time this committee at the Scottish Parliament has been snubbed by Ms McVey.

Speaking on the issue, Mr Don said: “I find it totally unacceptable that Esther McVey has again refused to attend the Scottish Parliament to answer questions about Westminster policies that have such an impact on Scotland.

“Clearly the Westminster government simply does not care about Scotland, and this highlights the absolute need for Scotland’s voice to be heard at Westminster.

“The UK Government’s austerity politics and welfare cuts have forced some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland into poverty – and Labour have already admitted that, if elected, they plan continue to cut spending.

“At the General Election in May it is vital that more SNP MPs are sent to Westminster to make sure Scotland’s voice is heard like never before; to stop the Tories, to prevent Labour from taking Scotland for granted, and to fight to deliver real powers over welfare and taxation that will enable us to build a fairer and more prosperous country.”