What should Nigel do?

With Brechin residents having just elected a Brechiner, Nigel Don, for the Scottish Parliament, the Brechin Advertiser asked them what they think Nigel’s priorities for Brechin should be.

The overall opinion for people was that Brechin needs more employment, shops and things to do.

Lynne Sinclair hoped that Nigel could help by bringing to Brechin an indoor play area for Brechin’s children.

She said: “Brechin needs more facilities for children.

“There are groups such as mums and toddlers which I go to, but Brechin really needs somewhere for children to play when the weather is bad.

“Montrose and Laurencekirk both have soft indoor play areas which are great for kids to play in when the weather is not so good but, unless you can drive, these places are not convenient to go to.

“A place which allows adults to sit and have a coffee whilst their children can play safely is something that Brechin needs as it seems to be the only town in this area that does not have something available.”

Lorraine Mitchell also felt that Nigel could help Brechin bring more things for children to do.

“Brechin really needs a lot done for it,” said Lorraine.

“There needs to be more children-friendly areas and indoor play areas.

“We also need a swimming pool that we can go to everyday, which is not located in the school.

“There needs to be more shops in Brechin. At the moment Brechin shop owners cannot afford to keep prices down low enough for Brechiners to spend their money in.

“People are willing to pay £10 in fuel to travel to Dundee to get cheaper shops.

“Brechin could do with a cheap supermarket as long as they keep their prices low.

“We would need to offer the same prices as Dundee for people to be willing to shop here.”

Mrs Carole Kelbie felt there was a lot that Nigel could do to help Brechin.

She said: “Employment should be high on Nigel’s priorities. At the moment there are not enough jobs available.

“Bringing in new businesses would help to create jobs.

“We need a big supermarket to come to Brechin to create competition and to keep prices low.

“Having such a supermarket would also help create employment to the area.

“Money has been invested in the High Street but what happens to the buildings once work has been completed?

“Transportation needs to be looked as as well. Brechin needs to have a direct bus link to both Aberdeen and Dundee.

“Local buses also need to be restructured because, at the moment, the local bus stops at 6 pm and there is not a bus on a Sunday. Unless you walk you cannot go anywhere.

“Nigel needs to talk up for the people of Brechin and be more pushing as this will be the only way that things will get done.”

Employment is just one of the priorities that Jean Coutts thinks that Nigel should have.

“Nigel needs to try and get more work to the town. Bringing industry to Brechin would help as would bring more shops to Brechin.

“We do not need more pubs, although I feel that Wetherspoons could be good for Brechin.

“We need ladies shops which stock middle-of-the-range clothes and caters for ladies of all ages, not just young and elderly ladies.

“The City Hall is in a terrible state and needs money spent on it.

“Some people miss having a supermarket in the centre of the town so it could be of benefit to have something like that again.

“Brechin also needs more things to do.

“At the weekend people go out and about rather than staying in Brechin because there is nothing for them to do here.

“We need more things to do in the town, as well as having better swimming facilities.

“At the moment a lot of people come off the bypass and only get as far as the Brechin Castle Centre before they go again.

“We need something that would get people to come into the heart of the town.”