Positive thinking into the new year

With the New Year upon us and thoughts turning to 2012, Brechiners have been discussing what they would like to see happen in Brechin in 2012.

Last month saw a number of successful events in Brechin, with the “Switch on Brechin” pulling large crowds to the town centre and the Brechin Advertisers Shop Local promotion proving a hit with shoppers.

Now thoughts have turned to the future with people discussing what they hope will happen in Brechin this year.

With many shop buildings sitting empty Verona Hutcheon has suggested that rates/rent should be kept low as an incentive for new businesses to come to the area.

Estelle McKay is also keep in shops being occupied, especially the old Woolies building.

Seeing Brechin’s potential was Verona Hutcheon who said: “Brechin has a lot of potential and some nice shops that are desperate for more trade, in time with help I think these empty shops could be filled.

“A sports shop, a clothes shop or two, a book shop, maybe a big chain newsagent for stationary.

“Let’s support what we have and think positive!”

Although not keen on a big chain newsagent, Val Smith also felt Brechin could benefit from the addition of some new shops.

“Why would we need a big chain newsagent. We have newsagents, bringing in a big chain would just destroy the littler shop, and that’s not what we want,” said Val.

“We certainly need some new shops.

“We need to get motivated and get new things done.”

Val, along with Estelle, both thought that parks in Brechin need new play equipment following the removal of the roundabout in summer.

Andy Mitchell felt the High Street needs a complete face-lift.

He said: “The High Street could be completely overhauled and renovated with every shop open.

“People in these shops should be given 18 months or two years to get themselves established before crippling rent and rates are levied on them.”

“Just even tidying up the empty shops would make a difference.

“Brechin is a nice place, it just needs a wee revamp.”

Rosy Hunter would like something done to Flicks, including having it demolished. She said: “Sort something out with Flicks.

“At least take it down. It’s a waste of space.”

Thomas Smith had other ideas about Flicks.

“Open Flick up as a cinema again. We would get people from the Angus area coming and it would create some new jobs,” he explained.

Following on from this year’s pageant, people are keen to see it back next year, bigger and better than ever.

Charlie Cameron would like a huge effort going into the pageant with a party in the park, with life bands, following the event itself.

Other suggestions include a soft play centre for kids, a train station and a skate park.

What would you like to see happen in Brechin in 2012? Let us know what you think by emailing us at news@brechinadvertiser.com or joining in the discussion on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thebrechinadvertiser