Property safety information

THE CITY of Brechin and District community council met last week when they discussed a variety of items, including Nathro Hill wind farm development, the cycle path network and the review of Angus Council’s scheme for community council.

Results for the summer competition were also discussed with the winners being announced in the press and a presentation given once the winners themselves have been informed.

Before these topics were considered, Constable Billy Rattray gave his police report.

He highlighted reports of thefts from outbuildings and advised everyone to keep sheds and garages locked, to cover windows and to make sure all home security fences and boundary walls are kept in good repair, and to security mark valuable items.

He also made a plea for the community to advise police if they have any information relating to drugs abuse. A money scam known as “ringing the changes” is currently a problem in the county and shoppers are requested to report anything they think is suspicious when they are queuing to pay as the shop staff are usually too confused while it is happening to realise until later what has happened.

Arrangements for the public meeting on September 17 at 7pm in the Damacre Centre to discuss dog fouling and litter were discussed.

Council officers will be attending so anyone who wishes to hear what is happening locally is encouraged to attend.

PC Rattray will also attend to answer any questions specific to police matters relating to litter and dog fouling.

Convener Grahame Lockhart Commented: “The issues of dog fouling and litter were raised at the pageant and have been mentioned to most community councillors.

“I invite anyone who has a problem with either of these matters to come along. Should anyone be unable to attend, comments with specific details can be passed to community council members or via our website”