Proposals to community councils not welcomed

Members of Inveresk Community Council have written to Angus Council to voice their objection to the proposed changes to community council membership numbers.

Chairman Duncan Smedley informed members that the matter was still ongoing and he was not expecting to hear anything further from the council until near the end of the month. Angus Council sent a letter of acknowledgement to the community council.

Angus Council is aiming to reduce the total community council membership by 10 per cent, but under the plans Inveresk Community Council would be reduced by two thirds - going from 21 members to seven.

Under the proposals put forward by Angus Council, community council membership would be dictated by the electoral roll number in each ward.

While Inveresk Community Council may not represent a large population, they do cover a very wide geographical area and do not want to lose out on the benefit of having members with strong local knowledge of each of the areas represented by the community council.

Mr Smedley also informed members that they had received letters of support from three other community councils, without having to canvass for backing.

Councillor Bob Myles, who was in attendance at the meeting, has said that Angus Council is happy to look at ways to increase extra numbers for rural areas.