Psychiatrist raises £800 by running 69 miles for Susan Carnegie centre

Christopher approaches the finish line
Christopher approaches the finish line

An employee of the Susan Carnegie Centre at Stracathro Hospital has been taking part in a mammoth running challenge for charity.

Christopher Pell, who is a NHS Tayside Consultant psychiatrist at the centre, has just finished an ultra marathon - a gruelling 69 mile run.

He took part in the ultra marathon to raise funds to “enhance the ward environment for patients”.

The run he was taking part in, ‘The Wall Run’, was a two day event that saw Christopher travel the length of Hadrian’s Wall.

A standard marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, so Christopher ran the equivalent of two-and-a-half marathons, and had little home comforts during the two day trek as he camped on Hadrian’s Wall.

However, his efforts have paid off with £800 raised for the ward at Susan Carnegie Centre so far.

The money will be spent on purchasing new technology,

Christopher explained: “With the new equipment, we will be able to display more information about ward activities and events, use apps and websites with patients to help track and manage their symptoms and have music or relaxation accessible and streaming to different rooms in the ward.”

Discussing his running efforts, Christopher added: “It was probably the most challenging weekend I’ve had, but I’m happy to say that I got to the finish line in one piece.

“The heat, the hills and the distance were brutal, but the friendliness of the other runners and support from my family at the pit stops got me through!”

The run, which initially launched in 2012 and had 800 participants, starts at Carlisle Castle and the finish line is at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. During the 69-mile run, participants have to travel over a mixed-terrain route that has both on and off-road sections.