Pub donates to Watson-Watt Society

Pictured is Mike receiving the cheque from bar staff member Nicola MacLennan
Pictured is Mike receiving the cheque from bar staff member Nicola MacLennan

The Watson-Watt Society has paid tribute to individuals, groups and small firms for donations over the past few years.

Treasure of the group Mike Holland made the tribute during a cheque presentation at a Brechin pub.

He was accepting a cheque for £60 from Brechin Arms, which was donated from the proceeds of the collecting can on the popular bar’s counter.

He commented: “This is the third cheque we have received from the bar and its generous customers who have now donated a sum in excess of £300.

“While over the past years we have received a few very large donations , the bulk of our funds has been given in smaller amounts and we greatly appreciate this.”

The Society has been raising funds for a number of years in order to erect a statue commemorate the work of Brechin-born Sir Robert Watson-Watt, known for his pioneering work with radar, the creation of which helped Britain greatly during the second World War.

The Society announced last year that the bronze statue of Watson-Watt had been completed thanks to donations made to the group, however they have since been fund raising to allow for the building of a specially construction plinth.

A spokesperson for the Watson-Watt Society added: “The Society has now almost reached the necessary sum to have the already completed statue placed on a specially constructed plinth in St. Ninian’s Square.

“It is hoped that this will be done sometime in May of this year.”

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