Public meeting called to discuss flooding

Edzell's Dunlappie Road was badly affected by flooding at the end of December.
Edzell's Dunlappie Road was badly affected by flooding at the end of December.

Flooding in Edzell was under the spot light at Inveresk Community Council on Monday, with a public meeting being set for Monday, January 21.

In December, a number of people in Edzell had to evacuate their homes following flooding of Whishop Burn, with some residents having been left homeless for up to nine months.

As a result of the flooding local folk spoke with members of the Scottish Flood Forum (SFF) - a Scottish based organisation that provides support for, and represents, those who are affected by or are at risk of flooding - who will be in attendance at the public meeting on Monday at 7.30 p.m., at Inglis Memorial Hall.

The public meeting will be led by Paul Hendry, director of the SFF, and will provide a platform to allow residents to discuss their concerns about the flooding as well as setting up a community flood group.

For those who have been affected by flooding Duncan Smedley, chairman of Inveresk Community Council, issued the following advice: “Keep a logbook of everything that you can possibly think of about the incident that has affected you. Keep a note of your expenses, telephone calls, conversations you have had, any negotiations you have had with builders or contractors, or insurance people and keep a note of your gas and electric meters if you have had to use equipment to help dry it out.

“Please also make your problems known to the right people.

“We have three elected ward councillors. Make use of them. They are the people you should be going to.”

To help reduce the risk of further flooding and to clear up after December’s floods, residents have joined together to clear debris from channels, grids, culverts as well as helping neighbours.

“The [public] meeting will be an opportunity for people to let off steam, say what they really think,” continued Duncan.

“There are three things that the meeting really needs to achieve. One is to establish an immediate solution to stop the problem happening tomorrow, next week, if that is possible.

“The second objective would be to think of a short term plan, what can be done to alleviate the flooding problem and then a medium term plan to stop it ever happening again.

“One of the things that will come out of the meeting is that we form a community flood group.

“You need to come to that meeting on Monday with names of people who will be prepared to come onto that group otherwise it is a negative exercise. Without that group I don’t think we will get anywhere.”

Janice Wotherspoon, senior engineer at Angus Council, attended Monday’s meeting, where she explained: “The main thing that we want to do is to find out as much information as we can about what actually happened from as many residents to work out the best way forward.”

For more information about the Scottish Flood Forum and how they can help visit