Pupils boost Memorial fund

PUPILS from Brechin High School have continued to show support for the Watson-Watt Society as they strive to create a permanent memorial to the city’s most famous son.

The society has received a donation of £439 from the school as a share of funds raised last session from a number of pupil-run events.

Head Boy Cameron Mathieson presented the cheque to the society after their highly successful annual charities week.

During the week’s events several senior boys had their legs waxed, and a sponsored beauty contest for Brechin High lads. A quiz and non-uniform day were also held.

Over the course of the week almost £880 was raised and the seniors decided that the money should be split between the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and the Watson-Watt Society of Brechin.

The Society is now around one third of the way to raising the estimated £85,000 required to erect a memorial to Sir Robert Watson-Watt in St Ninian’s Square, Brechin.

Watson-Watt was the pioneer of radar and was born in 1892.

He won a scholarship to Brechin High before going on to gain a degree in electrical engineering at University College, Dundee.