Quarry proposal causes concern

Concerned residents from Inchbare, Edzell and the surrounding area joined Inveresk Community Council (ICC) to discuss their thoughts about proposals for a sand and gravel site on land at Struan, Edzell.

Proposals state that the quarry would be 90.7 hectares and would be in operation for 35 years.

Developers state that 20 lorries would access the site each day, with the site open from 6.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday 50 weeks a year.

These lorries would travel through Inchbare to the dual carriageway and would only travel through Edzell when goods need to be delivered locally.

However, ICC disagree with the number of lorries accessing the site, thinking the number could be far greater.

They have concerns over tourism, stating that they believe it would drive tourism away, meaning shops would lose out rather than gain from the quarry.

Edzell Wood is claimed to be a habitat to red squirrels, as well as homing other wildlife such as bats. Edzell Wood is also a popular area for walkers and dog walkers.

Concerns were raised about the levels of noise, light and dust pollution created by the site, especially at the east part of the site what is said would have no barrier protecting Edzell Village.

Access to the site would be along the straight road into Edzell, a road residents state is already dangerous due to speeding drivers without the added danger of lorries pulling out.

With an increase in the number of lorries travelling through the site it is feared that the weight and vibrations from them could cause damage to houses in Inchbare and Edzell High Street. There are also concerns about bridges in the area being able to withstand the increased levels of heavy vehicle traffic.

Traffic across West Water bridge would have to be controlled as the bridge and road across it would be too narrow to accommodate lorries and cars crossing at the same time.

This problem could be resolved, it was claimed, if the developers were to build a temporary bridge across the Esk, taking traffic to the A90. However not all residents were against the project. One member of the public explained: “Lorries go in and out all day, everyday.

“Lorry drivers drive with care.

“The project is not going to affect tourism one iota. We are kicking a gift horse in the mouth.”

ICC, who will write to Angus Council with their concerns, have urged the public do likewise.