Relieved of their hair

ON FRIDAY, March 15 a very brave Heather Reeves attended an event held at the City Royal to raise money for Red Nose Day.

The event was a huge success with leg waxing, face painting and of course the star of the show Heather who shaved her hair down to a number one in aid of the cause.

She then sent her lovely curly locks off to The Little Princess Trust, a charity set up to provide real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss.

When asked how she was feeling now that it was all over Heather stated that she was glad it was all done with and that she’s beginning to get used to the look. However, the same maybe can’t be said for her eldest son who she quoted as saying “get a hat on Mum, please!”

Friends and family have been very supportive of the new look and everyone says that she “actually quite suits it”.

Before losing her hair she was treated to a “fabulous” makeover by Dundee College Beauty student, Sean Senior, who Heather said did a very good job with her sole instructions of nothing too extravagant. She was very impressed with the look and said: “It was good to be pampered”.

Initially, Heather was asked if she would be willing to shave her head for Red Nose Day, but it wasn’t until she found out what could be done with her hair afterwards that she was completely sold on the idea.

A friend of hers, whose niece had to apply to The Little Princess Trust after being diagnosed with Leukemia, introduced her to the charity, and that was all the inspiration that she needed.

The night itself was very successful and they had a great turn out. Provisional numbers suggest they’ve raised about £1,850 with a few things still to add up.

When asked if she would do the whole thing over again for charity Heather said: “Definitely, definitely! I’m ready to think of something else now!”