Reminiscence group to meet monthly in Brechin Library

A reminiscence group is to be formed at Brechin Library, meeting one afternoon a month.

The group is for those who have lived all their lives in Brechin as well as for people who have lived elsewhere, as it will prove of interest to compare the similarities and the differences in various areas.

The reminiscence group is both for those who remember the war years and for others who are too young to remember, but are interested to hear and learn from those who know from first-hand experience what Brechin was like during those times.

In Brechin Library there are many resources that will be of interest and will be made available to the group, including local history books and copies of the Brechin Advertiser going back to its first publication.

It may also be possible to bring in a speaker from time to time.

Anyone interested should contact the library by telephone on 01356 622687, or email or by speaking to library staff.