Rent arrears warning

The level of council house rent arrears in Angus has continued to fall as a result of actions taken by the housing division, neighbourhood service committee heard at their meeting last week.

However, convener of neighbourhood services, Councillor Jim Millar, warned that tenants should prioritise their payment of rent in the run up to Christmas.

He said: “I understand that at this time of year it can difficult for people to juggle their finances and we are always happy to assist tenants to make sure that they are receiving all appropriate benefits, but I’m sending out the clear message that payment of rent must be seen as a priority.

“Due to continuing efforts of, rent arrears now sit at 7.13%, a reduction from the previously reported figure of 7.16%.

“However, we are noticing a continuing trend in tenants abandoning their tenancies and leaving rent arrears.

“We have also had to exercise the ultimate sanction and evict five tenants since July this year for non-payment of rent, which is not what we wish to happen.”