Residents begin clean-up
in the wake of deluge

South Esk at Tannadice on December 30
South Esk at Tannadice on December 30

At the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday), residents near Justinhaugh were dealing with closed roads and flooded properties.

The area was among the hardest hit as the River South Esk washed away part of the road between Justinhaugh and Tannadice.

This in turn fractured a waterpipe which cut off the supply and, with water rushing down from Baldoukie through a breached wall, residents were constantly battling the elements.

The week of floods began on Wednesday when Storm Frank struck.

Among those worst affected were residents in Tannadice who were left helpless as the River South Esk flooded properties and gardens.

On Monday Dawn Duncan, of Mill House, said: “The river flooded a few rooms on the ground floor but we were able to get most of the things out of the way and saved most of the furniture.

“It was the carpets and flooring which were worst affected, and the garage. The greenhouse outside is all buckled and smashed.”

Dawn, who moved to the village 18 months ago with her husband, Len, praised the support she has had from her neighbours.

She continued: “They have been absolutely fantastic and are still popping in every day to check everything is okay. I can’t thank them enough.

“I had my elderly mother staying with me and one of the neighbours took her in for the night which was very good.

“Over the last day or two the river level has come up again but it hasn’t been as bad; it didn’t come in to the property yesterday but it was very close.”

By the weekend the incessant rain began to take its toll at Justinhaugh, with local resident Ivan Laird describing how he had helped rescue one family from the former hotel when the water flooded into their home.

On Monday, the chairman of Kirriemuir Landward East Community Council told us: “I have lived here for around 53 years and have never seen anything like this. It is a terrible mess down at Justinhaugh.

“A bit of the road has been washed away. The water was cascading down over a fence and has taken a bit of the road away and has fractured a water pipe just over the bridge towards Tannadice.

“I have to take my hat off to Scottish Water. They worked right through the night on Wednesday in atrocious conditions to put in a temporary repair and gave every affected household six two-litre bottles of drinking water.

“Everybody usually criticises the utility companies but they have been really excellent.”

Mr Laird was on hand to rescue a grand-mother and her grandchildren when the former hotel at Justinhaugh was flooded.

He continued: “On Wednesday Angus Council came out with pallets of sandbags and I went down with a teleporter to lift them out.

“I had to rescue the family from the old hotel as the water had gone through the house. I got the grandmother and three grandchildren out on a cage on the teleporter and got them to dry land.

“I have never witnessed anything like this. At its worst the water was just about lapping over the bridge at Justinhaugh.

“The road is closed from Tannadice to Justinhaugh; from Horniecross to Justinhaugh; from the Baldoukie crossroads to Justinhaugh and the crossroads at Oathlaw to Justinhaugh - so Justinhaugh is a no go area.”

Lynnette Philp of Kalulu House, Tannadice, sent in pictures via our Facebook page of floodwater which reached her family’s properties after a wall at Baldoukie was breached and water flooded down fields behind their home and holiday cottages.

On Monday she said: “We haven’t been flooded from the river but from Baldoukie.

“It all happened within half an hour but it could have been a lot worse.”