Retirement donations given to cancer centre

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Last Saturday, Nora Bell retired from The Stables Lounge and celebrated with a charity event which raised just over £1,000.

Her nephew, David Henderson, had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, and had spent four months at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow receiving intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Nora decided that instead of accepting gifts from friends and family to mark her retiral, she would ask for donations to be given to the Beatson, which David describes as “one of the best cancer research and treatment centres in the UK”.

David went on: “I was forced to return to Scotland after relocating to Dallas, Texas with my job. I came back to the UK in August, 2014 and fell ill almost immediately due to the cancer.”

He went on to express his huge thanks to his aunt and all who had contributed towards enhancing the vital service provided by the Beatson Cancer Centre.