Return equipment to Brechin Park

Covering the ground where the roundabout used to be located at Brechin Park is fencing.
Covering the ground where the roundabout used to be located at Brechin Park is fencing.

Calls have been made for the return of equipment which has been removed from Brechin park over time.

Gone is a park favourite, the roundabout, which has meant that smaller children have less choice of activities to play with in the park.

In fact, much of the equipment left in the park is said to need upgraded or maintained.

Maggie Paton said: “I think they need to sort the adventure park out. I take my daughter there regularly but everything seems to be disappearing.

“She can now only play on the baby swings and the small climbing frame, the chute, etc are needing to be replaced and maintained. It’s such a waste of a good park.

Wendy Adam echoed these sentiments: “I agree about the park. I stay close by and am often there with my kids.

“There is more for my five-year-old to do and very little for my two-year-old. The roundabout, etc., have been removed.”

Verona Hutcheon said: “I agree that our play parks are in need of an overhaul.

“The roundabout has gone and in its place we have a metal fence lying on the ground, not pretty or safe. When I was little there were trampolines down at the river park. Could we not have something like that?”

A spokesperson from Angus Council said: “The roundabout was removed following vandalism which caused the bearings to be damaged beyond repair. Replacement bearings have been ordered and are due to be delivered in November, after which the roundabout will be repaired and reinstalled in the park.Two other older pieces of equipment, a tyre swing frame from which the tyre was removed some time ago, and a climbing frame without a net have been taken away. There is no budget allocation at present to replace these older pieces of equipment.”

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