Reunion raises cash for audio book

The reunion helped raise money for two causes.
The reunion helped raise money for two causes.

A High School reunion in Brechin has raised money for a children’s talking book and a local worthy


Students from the class of 1977 at Brechin High marked their reunion at The Stables earlier this year.

The idea first came to light when three former pupils had a chance encounter at the Brechin Castle Garden Centre, and then a core group of five set about organising the reunion.

Fiona Murray, part of a core group of pupils who organised the event, said: ‘‘Over the last two years we’ve had regular meetings in The Stables getting together to discuss how we would go about finding and contacting former classmates. Quite a few people turned up for them and we seemed to form a core group, and they became more of a social event! We’ve had many fantastic nights planning and hope to keep having post reunion meetings.”

Plans had to been to hold the event at a large venue, with the hopes of over 100 people attending, however, when the organiser realised that the number wasn’t going to be reached, they opted to use the reunion as cause for a fundraising effort.

Fiona explained: ‘‘Originally we estimated around 100 people attending but it became clear that we weren’t going to get nearly that many which was disappointing, so not to be discouraged we decided to choose a smaller venue. We changed the venue to The Stables and have had fantastic support from Alan, Joyce and the staff, who catered to our every need brilliantly.

“Moving to a smaller venue meant that our outgoings weren’t going to be as much and we thought about refunding people some of the ticket price but that was going to be really complicated so we thought why not raise some money for a charity? We agreed that the RNIB would be our chosen charity as our school friend and regular meeting-goer, Norma Davidson, was registered blind shortly after leaving high school so it was an easy choice.”

It was decided to raise money to make a children’s talking book, which costs £500, with a JustGiving page set up as well as a raffle on the night of the reunion to go with the money already raised.

The final total raised through the event came to £880, so former pupils were also able to make a donation of £380 to the Dalhousie Day Care Centre. Fiona said: “They were delighted to accept and treated us to a cup of tea and homemade scones after we had a guided tour of the centre.”

The group chose The Dreamsnatcher, written by Abi Elphinstone who grew up outside Edzell, to be made into an audio book. Fiona added: “The book will be dedicated to Brechin High School Class of 1977. It will probably take six months for it to be completed but it’s so exciting to think we’ve achieved this out of a what was originally just a knees up.”

Fiona also thanked all those who helped with the event, adding: “The reunion night was an absolute success and we had so much fun with everyone really entering into the spirit of it, Tam Smith did a great job as our DJ for the night. I would also like to mention the delicious tablet made by Dorothy Jamieson and Lynne Howe, the outstanding cake made by Moira Macknight and the most excellent dumpling made by Norma.

“Last but not least, a massive thank you to all that came on the night and contributed to our money raising endeavours.”