Rift between rugby and cricket clubs

Brechin Junior Rugby Club has issues a statement regarding their departure from Guthrie Park in a bid to quell “persistent and hopelessly inaccurate” rumours on the issue.

In a statement issued by Colin Tinsley, senior committee member, on behalf all members of the committee, the club said that slit between the rugby club and Brechin Buccaneers Cricket Club had left them “homeless and bewildered”.

The statement said: “The past few months have witnessed a series of incidents that have resulted in a rift between the Rugger enthusiasts and the Crickety, destroying a symbiotic relationship of eight years’ standing.

“The two City clubs had worked in seasonal unison for the best part of a decade, with Brechin Junior Rugby Football Club (BJRFC) playing a pivotal role in the ground’s maintenance and finance during the months that it lay dormant, making use of a facility that was donated by the Guthrie family to the common good of the city.

“In the early years, the relationship between the two sports clubs was widely hailed a great success – primarily by the now Brechin Buccaneers Cricket Club (BBCC) – and lauded as a means to elicit greatest use of the ground to the betterment of the community.

“It is understood that a change in the committee of the BBCC has resulted in their unilaterally scrapping an agreement with BJRFC.”

It continued: “This change in policy – that has effectively ousted the rugby players – has been brought about primarily by this change of heart and the way in which BJRFC was to be charged for use of facilities at Guthrie Park.”

In the statement, the committee explain that the situation deteriorated further in January, leading to “the cricketers issuing the rugby club an ‘eviction notice’ citing inability to reach agreement and ‘obvious irreconcilable differences’.”

The rugby club has also appealed to the community for their help in finding them a new home. The statement explained: “Brechin Rugby Club needs a permanent base in Brechin and is appealing for assistance from the community in helping to bring this about. The club is greatly encouraged that their numbers continue to grow and has been buoyed by the letters of support and encouragement that have been received. Brechin Junior Rugby Club is determined to further grow its presence in the city with a visiting Italian veteran’s rugby team and having been approached to stage the Scottish National Golden Oldies Championship in 2016. This will need a great deal of support.”

A spokesman for Brechin Buccaneers said: “The club are aware of the comments in the press. It will consider these comments and respond in due course.”