River projects communicated better

River south esk
River south esk

It’s hoped that it will be easier for land managers and the public to be able to learn about, and get involved in, projects to help protect and improve the River South Esk thanks to new maps and case studies that have been published.

The River South Esk Catchment Partnership brings together organisations involved in managing water quality, water resources, and the flora and fauna along the River South Esk.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has funded the new case studies, hosted on the Partnership’s website, that highlight the work of a number of different organisations.

Visitors to the website can now read case studies on projects ranging from natural flood management to controlling invasive plant species, and dealing with pollution running into the river. In addition to this, new user friendly maps identify where each of the projects take place along the catchment.

Tony Andrews, chair of the River South Esk Catchment Partnership commented: “The recent floods have once again reminded us how important it is to work together along a river. The Partnership champions a whole catchment approach that looks holistically at things like conservation of wildlife, to issues like for example tree planting as a measure to slow the river down.”

Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director of Sniffer, who coordinated the website work, said: “This website is a great resource that makes it so much easier for those living in the area and those managing the land to get an overview of the work going on. The partners in this project are setting an example for other catchment areas in taking a coordinated approach both in catchment management and in communicating the benefits.”

Lynda Gairns, SEPA Basin Planning Co-ordinator, working in the Tay area added: “Collaboration and co-ordination are key to the success of many River Basin Management Planning activities. This website provides a central resource where the public and land managers can learn about work undertaken by different partner organisations to protect and improve the water environment in the River South Esk. We have funded the new case studies to increase understanding of this work, and encourage co-ordination on future projects.”