Rotarians planning Scotland wide bike fund-raiser

Rotarians in Northern Scotland are calling on the public and business leaders to jump on their bike to fund-raise for Prostate Cancer.

Rotary clubs across Scotland are organising a special bike ride on Father’s Day (June 21) which is open to all-comers and part of a much larger event throughout Scotland and Great Britain and Ireland.

Rotary’s District Governor for Northern Scotland, Keith Hopkins, has launched a special plea for everyone possible to join in and “help to make history.”

He said: “Let’s try to stage this event to both raise awareness of prostate cancer and to raise funds into research of this disease, but we need your help.”

He underlined he wants not only Rotarians, but anyone who can summon up enough pedal power to take part. Mr Hopkins explained that on Father’s Day, Rotary in Scotland and nationally is initiating a day’s bike ride on roads, cycle paths, in parks and on static bikes to see how many people can ride a bike on that one day; how far they can travel; for how many hours and how much they can raise.

He continued: “Here in Scotland we are supporting Prostate Scotland and we are looking to get the communities involved in what is fast becoming one of the most popular family pastimes.

“There are many cycling clubs in most towns and cities and we are seeking their help and support with the technical parts of organising a cycling event.”

He added: “Safety measures need to be taken and that is why the events are being organised by Rotary Clubs. We are not encouraging people to do their own thing but to join others via your local Rotary Club. Each rotary Club will be doing something different.”

Those interested in getting involved somehow or taking part and would like to join the Rotary event can register on line at