Route to campus hampered by floods

The path just off Mountskip Road, heading towards Duke Street
The path just off Mountskip Road, heading towards Duke Street

A recommended route to the Brechin Community Campus has been plagued by flooding - prompting one resident to contact Angus Council.

However, the resident, who has asked not to be named, has said the roads department and Angus Alive, which runs the leisure facilities at the Campus, have both said improvements to the pathways are outwith their remit.

The pathway affected runs from Mountskip Road to Duke Street, passing along the former high school building, which is currently being demolished.

It is used frequently by pupils to get to the new high school building, as well as those walking to and from the leisure facilities.

While demolition work is ongoing, parking facilities have been limited, so the council highlighted routes to the new building - including this one.

The gentleman who contacted the newspapersaid: “This has been used by the pupils of Brechin High School since it first located there in the 1970s. As I used to attend classes at the Leisure Centre I now have to make the trip along this route and find that when it rains - as it tends to do quite a bit - that the paths flood, making access difficult.

“I have spoken both with Angus Council and the management of Angus Alive at the Campus and both say that this is outwith their remit to make any improvements to the pathways.

“Firstly, the small distance leading into Duke Street is a pathway not adopted by Angus Council so they will do nothing about it. The other pathway just at the south of the school playing fields, is also a mystery as to who is responsible for it.”

A council spokesperson said: “Thank you for reporting this issue. We will investigate the ownership of the path and action as required.”

The new community campus opened in February this year, however the second phase of the project - which will see the old high schoool demolished - is not scheduled for completion until October of this year.

The new facility is being developed by Angus Council in partnership with the East Central Territory hubco.