Rural access for library vans

Members of Inveresk Community Council were asked at their meeting last week to think about areas in the Glens where the mobile library could safely park.

The issue of access for the mobile library in Tarfside and Glenesk was raised with Alastair Wilson, Angus Council’s head of service for communities.

Members had suggested that if refuse collection lorries were able to navigate their way in the areas, there was no reason the mobile libraries would be unable to reach the villages.

However, Mr Wilson explained that concerns over areas where the library could safely park for a long period of time was the reason behind lack of services in this area. Risk assessments had been carried out at Invermark car park, and other areas identified by the council, but the areas were deemed to tight for turning or were too busy.

Mr Wilson then advised if members were aware of sites, to pass them on to the council so that could be considered for use. It was suggested by Councillor Bob Myles, that the carpark close to the Glenesk Retreat could be a suitable location for the library vans to allow services to the area.