Safety equipment to tackle accident risk to young children

A new child safety initiative has been launched across the county under the auspices of Angus Care and Repair.

The charity recently joined a partnership with The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Fire and Rescue Scotland to provide the service.

RoSPA has provided various pieces of safety equipment in order to educate and make safe home environments for small children and Angus Care and Repair is fitting them free of charge.

Accidents and unintentional injuries in the home are one of the main causes of hospital admissions and deaths in Scotland to children under the age of five. This age group also has a greater likelihood of suffering injuries with major or long-term consequences which can impact upon their adult lives. Such accidents are preventable.

Angus Care and Repair offers various services for older and disabled people in Angus to help them with home repairs, adaptations and improvements but this scheme offers home safety equipment to families in Angus who have at least one child under the age of five living at home or visiting the home on a regular basis.

While the scheme started in January this year, Angus Care and Repair still has a number of safety gates, window restrictors, non-slip bath or shower mats, fire guards, locks for kitchen cupboards and corner cushions to fit.

Anyone who would like to have this important safety equipment fitted into their home can contact Angus Care and Repair on 01307 463232 or by e-mailing

The group also has carbon monoxide detectors to fit in properties for people in Angus who are over the age of 65. These will be fitted free of charge.

Anyone who would like to have a detector fitted should contact Kath at Angus Care and Repair on 01307 463232 or e-mail