Safety tips to secure your bicycle

Police Scotland are urging local bicycle owners to make sure their bike is secure, following a recent spate of thefts in the Angus area.

On a number of occasions pedal cycles have simply been taken away by thieves, as there have been very little security precautions in place.

Police advise keeping your bike in a secure garage or shed with the door locked and out of public view. They also advise securing it to an immovable object or consider installing a floor or wall-mounted anchor lock for extra security. Other tips include:

Always lock your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it for a couple of minutes.

Use a proper bike rack/ ground anchor or robust street furniture.

Lock both wheels and the frame together.

Take with you smaller parts and accessories that can be removed without tools.

Make the lock (and chain, if used) and bike hard to manoeuvre when parked and keep the lock (and/or chain) away from the ground.

Take a clear, colour photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description so that you can report it accurately if stolen.

Security marking the bicycle should also be considered. To be effective a security marking must be clearly visible and advertise that the bike is security marked or tagged.

Sergeant Charlie Colvin, Safer Communities, Angus Local Policing Area, said: “Invest in a quality lock such as a hardened steel D-shaped lock. It is worth spending proportionately more on a lock for a more expensive bike. It may seem like there are lots of things to think about when locking your bike, but once you get into the habit you will be able to lock your bike within seconds and it will be well worth the trouble.

“Don’t help to create a market in which thieves can operate. When buying a second-hand bike, make sure the seller owns it.”