Safety work begins on steeple

Long-awaited work to make safe the steeple at Brechin’s St Columbus Church has begun.

At the end of last week steeplejacks could be seen silhouetted against clear blue skies as they began remedial work on the crumbling structure.

In May the Brechin Advertiser reported that New Friends Nursery, which neighbours the church, was reassuring parents following incidents of pieces of masonry falling from the steeple. At the time parents were expressing concerns for the safety of their children due to the masonry that was falling to the ground, including into the playground of the nursery and on the land and pavements adjacent.

Now, however, owner of the nursery, Jenny Gottschling, has said she is delighted that work has finally begun making the steeple safe.

“After many years of neglect by previous owners it was good to see the present owner acting swiftly to initiate some remedial work on the steeple to remove loose stone,” said Jenny.

Angus Council’s Len Murray has now taken this further by hiring steeplejacks to ensure the top of the steeple is made safe so there is no risk of falling masonry.

“We hope this work will continue so the church will return to its former glory.”