Sanctuary seeks to rehome thirty horses

Mountains Animal Sanctuary, Scotland’s largest equine centre, is looking for 30 horses to be re-homed.

Thoroughbreds, Cobs, Shetland and Welsh ponies, and Arab crosses are breeds of horses in search of a forever home.

The sanctuary, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has re-homed 47 horses in the last year, but needs to find new homes for a third of its residents so it can continue taking in and caring for welfare cases.

Pam Taylor, general manager at Mountains Animal Sanctuary, said some of the horses needing to find a new home are elderly and most cannot be ridden, but all would make wonderful companions.

She added: “I would urge all experienced horse owners who have a large paddock with fencing and lots of TLC to offer to get in touch.

“Some of the horses needing re-homed are elderly and some have health problems like arthritis, so they need to find an owner who will know how to care for them in their final years.

“Retired thoroughbreds in particular can be traumatised from their horse racing days and are hard to handle so need extra dedication and time spent being looked after.

“Although it can be hard work looking after a horse, the love and companionship they give in return is immeasurable.”

Mountains Animal Sanctuary will conduct a home visit to meet potential owners and if they meet the criteria, horses can be in their new homes in around three weeks.