Saying goodbye to Brechin

Fond Farewell: Dizzy and Bob Stack have called last orders for the final time in the Brechin Arms.
Fond Farewell: Dizzy and Bob Stack have called last orders for the final time in the Brechin Arms.

IT WAS last orders for the final time for Brechin Arms publicans Dizzy and Bob Stack on Sunday.

The pair, who have run the Brechin Arms for the last 12 years, have retired for the second time - and this time they say its for good.

The couple, who once ran the Dalhousie Bar on Market Street before leaving to run a hotel near Dumfries, returned to Brechin to visit friends after they retired for the first time.

It was by chance that they ended up behind the Brechin Arms bar. A friend had told them it was closing, and less than a week later their name was on the lease.

The pair joked that this would not happen again, adding cheekily “We are not buying the Dali.”

Friends and well-wishers threw the couple a surprise leaving party on Friday.

It was described as an emotional evening as they said goodbye to people who had become not only good customers, but good friends as well.

Speaking about leaving, Bob said: “It’s difficult to give something like this up.”

Dizzy echoed his sentiment, adding: “They aren’t customers we are leaving behind. They’re family!”

The couple, who are not originally from Brechin, have taken the town to their hearts, with Bob commenting that he feels “more at home in Brechin than I do in my own home town.”

Dizzy paid tribute to their customers, saying that the good reputation they had earned at the Brechin Arms was partly down to the customers, adding “they made the pub the way it is.”

She continued: “We couldn’t have done it without the people of Brechin who opened their hearts to us. We are there for them and they are there for us.

“Brechin has been good to us.”

The pair are set to move to Dundee, with Dizzy planning to put her sign language skills to good use by volunteering at the Tayside Deaf Hub. Bob, meanwhile, will be getting used to having free time for the first time in 12 years.

Although Dizzy and Bob plan to say a farewell to all friends on a night out on Saturday, October 6, they have said that they will be back to visit.

The pub will go under new management, with the current members of staff being kept on.