Scam warning

HOUSEHOLDS in the Brechin area have been warned about an on-going telephone fraud which attempts to dupe them into parting with their personal bank details.

Brechin’s Community Policeman, Constable Billy Rattray, has grown increasingly concerned over the number of local people being contacted and the complaints thereafter to Tayside Police.

Billy said: “It involves a cold caller telephoning a house at random, giving a name and the name of a software firm before stating that the recipient has a problem with their computer system.

“He asks the householder to access a website program and talks them through a process which appears on screen to have resolved the issue.

“The caller then requests payment for the service he has provided, asking for bank or bank card details.

“This is a common scheme currently being used and people should be aware that if they receive such a call, there is infact no problem with the computer and under no circumstances should they divulge any personal or bank details.

“The only effective advice is to terminate the call as soon as it becomes obvious that the call is of a similar nature.

“It is known that a number of households in Brechin have received such calls.”