Search for Edzell's ghosts

A LOCAL organisation set up to investigate ghostly goings-on in the area spent last Saturday afternoon at Edzell Castle, writes Gregor Wilson.

The castle has long been linked with the legend of the White Lady, believed to be the ghost of the wife of 15th Century Earl, David Ogilvy.

The story goes that she had some sort of fit, was pronounced dead and taken to a place outwith the castle to be buried the following day.

However, she was still alive and on awakening made her way back to the castle. In those days, however, no woman – even the Earl's wife – was permitted entry to the castle through the front door and although she made her way to the kitchen entrance no-one heard her calls and she died of exposure.

Since then, many people have claimed to have seen her walking across the road that runs past the castle, across the field and through the castle walls.

And, last weekend, a group from Angus and Tayside Paranormal Research (ATPR) visited the castle with specialist equipment to search for supernatural activity as part of a weekend of activities which included a night-long stay at the Montrose Air Museum.

While they found no evidence of the White Lady during their visit, Brechiner Peter Neve – founder of ATPR – admitted they had captured what they felt were otherworldly images.

He explained: “We turned up at the castle about two o'clock, had lunch and then had a walk round. At first it was just a walkabout because, apart from myself, no-one in the group had been to Edzell Castle before so it was a new experience for them.

“Later on, myself and two of the girls in the group went into the banqueting hall above the summer house in the corner. It was cold but we took that to just be the castle and when one of the girls tried to take a photograph of the room she saw a blue orb in the fireplace. But, when she tried to take a picture of it her camera died.

“I asked if she had put new batteries in her camera and she had so we thought it might have just been a one-off thing. Then, we used what we call an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) meter because what we've found across the board is that when there is paranormal activity there seems to be an increase in the electro-magnetic field.

“And, when the meters are set to high they are quite a good gauge. If you think that spirits are energy then anything that produces electricity produces a field.

“We put the meters into the middle of the room and invited anything present to either show on the meter or make a knocking noise but nothing happened.

“Then, Mandy said she could see an orb again but when she tried to take a photo again her camera refused to work. I saw the orb but when I tried my camera although it was working I then couldn't see anything.

“We went and got the rest of the group and they all came up and one of the paranormal investigators from Alloa then asked anything present to show themselves either on the meters, through the camera or by any other means.

“At that point we all took photographs of the fireplace and, again, Mandy's camera refused to work. However, because we have digital cameras, we looked at the pictures straight away and we all picked up orbs in different positions although they were white and not blue.”

Peter formed the ATPR about a year ago although he has been interested in the paranormal for many years. He has previously conducted investigations at Edzell Castle, Arbroath Abbey and in houses in Brechin.

He continued: “What we think the orbs are is energy. Some people say they are the emergence of a spirit while some think they are part of a spirit. But, what we also found, is that they are only picked up on digital cameras, very few are picked up on film.

“They're not sunflares because they are irregular and we had a room full of orbs at different depths and sizes so they're not reflections of light and we're quite excited about it. Brian then thanked whatever was in the room for allowing us to capture it on film,” he added.

If you would like to find out more about the organisation, read reports from previous investigations or are interested in joining ATPR then go to their website at