Season continues to disappoint

THE HIGHLIGHT of the next few weeks will be the Brechin Angling Club’s historical exhibition in the Brechin Townhouse Museum. Items have been gathered from many members and cover various aspects of angling back into the 19th century.

The club can trace its history back to the very beginning in 1875 thorough a compete set of Minute Books which have been preserved by many Club Secretary’s over the years.

Also in recent years various trophies and medals have been handed back by descendants of fishermen who won the prizes over a hundred years ago and these and much more memorabilia will be on display. Do come along when you are in the High Street...and it’s free.

Application forms for membership will be available.

The disappointing start to the season on the Esks continues with only three salmon reported, one on Gallery and two on Saturday at Stracathro, the biggest a fish of 10lbs from Stracathro.

I fished Pert myself on Thursday and with the water crystal clear and very low found it impossible to cover any fish which might have been in the river. I did not see a fish move all day and was somewhat surprised that there was no sign of any Kelts. Pert has had eight salmon so far this season.

What of the South Esk? Well I have not heard of a single fish caught so far this season and from walking a lot of the riverbank I have not seen a springer, although there are a few Kelts appearing in the quieter water and larger pools.

The fish trap at Kinnaird should be working this week and I hope this will confirm that there is indeed a few salmon in the river. From what we are seeing in the South Esk it is being said: “What are we paying Usan Fisheries huge sums of money to protect?”

It must be said, perhaps the spring stocks of the South Esk are past help and that they are indeed being paid for nothing. I expect to hear much more from the proprietors and anglers on the river as the season progresses and it is certainly a subject which is not going away.

Bird predation is going to be discussed more fully soon as many beats on the rivers are reporting Goosander and Merganser pairing off before the nesting season starts.

There is little doubt that these fish eating birds are causing havoc on the juvenile stock of both Esks and I expect that some action will be proposed, possibly some sort of scaring.

I am still trying to find out the origin of the ‘Churchill Pool’ on the bottom beat of Kinnaird, not a single response, surely someone out there has some idea. Is there no-one you could ask, perhaps a Grandfather who fished?

Please try to help me solve this one. My telephone number is 622753 or tell a member of the Angling Club to pass it on. I am relying on you.

Tight Lines, Bill Balfour