Second health update issued by NHS

Brechin Health Centre
Brechin Health Centre

NHS Tayside has issued a second community update bulletin for Brechin Health Services.

The update, which comes a day after the Minor Injuries and Illness Unit moved in to the Health Centre, has outlined how the GP surgery is operating.

The bulletin said: “Please do not present in person at the health centre if you want to see a GP.

“Please call the practice on the normal number 01356 624411 with any general practice related enquiries, including if you want to be seen by a GP.

“You will then be triaged. Triage means assessing need and it is a tried and tested way in which we can manage our patients’ health needs effectively.

“Triaging all phone calls into the practice allows the practice staff to manage urgent demand and means more issues can be dealt with on a patient’s first phone call to practice. It also means people may not have to take time off work for issues that can be dealt with by phone.

“A receptionist will gather basic information to ensure the most appropriate clinical member of staff handles the request or will address any non-clinical requirements e.g. booking nurse appointments.

“When the member of the clinical team calls the patient back, they may be able to handle the request on the phone, they may signpost the patient to a range of services, or invite them into the practice to be seen.

“The call back may come from an 0800 number, so please stay near your phone and be sure to answer calls from an 0800 number if you are awaiting a call back.

“As normal, emergency calls should continue to be passed to Scottish Ambulance Service on 999.”

The update also included a reminder that GP surgeries across Tayside will be closed for upcoming public holiday weekend. Brechin Health Centre will be closed from 6pm on Friday, July 22 until 8am on Tuesday, July 26.

There are many health services provided at Brechin Health Centre by nursing staff and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and there is no change to how they are running. For your routine nurse and clinic appointments at Brechin Health Centre, please call 01356 624411 in the usual way.

The full update can be found on NHS Tayside’s facebook page, or on the Brechin Health Centre website.