Seeking thoughts on neighbourhood safety

ANGUS Community Safety Partnership is looking to build on the strong response received from Angus residents in its 2009 Community Safety Survey with a follow up survey being launched this week.

The Community Safety Survey 2011 will ask about general feelings of safety in neighbourhoods as well as asking residents about community concerns such as drinking and drugs, noisy neighbours and vandalism.

The survey also focuses on the concerns highlighted by the previous survey.

In the previous Community Safety Survey, over 53% of residents polled suggested that they were very or fairly worried about dog fouling in their area.

Also, nearly half those polled mentioned that littering was a significant problem for their area.

Thanks to these responses, services have already been realigned to better tackle these issues.

Angus community wardens have recently become the lead agency on tackling issues of dog fouling in Angus, with powers to issue fixed penalty notices to offenders and an amended shift pattern has been put in place to better address times where complaints are highest.

They also work together with communities to identify and tackle specific problem areas of litter waste and fly-tipping.

Community safety staff are also working with partners in waste management on litter initiatives relating to lunch time and takeaway litter.

In this year’s survey, the partnership would like your help to further identify areas of concern for communities as regards dog fouling, littering and fly-tipping.

It is important to know that the concerns of communities within Angus are being heard and more importantly, that they know where to report these issues and concerns.

The survey will have been arriving through letterboxes from this week, so residents are being urged to take part and make a difference to the communities they live.

In addition to the randomly selected 10,000 households who will receive a paper copy, all Angus residents will be able to respond via our online survey at

Angus Council, Tayside Police and Tayside Fire & Rescue are all part of the Community Safety Partnership.

The focus is on making people feel safe in the areas they live, work and visit in Angus.

This is achieved by focusing activities of direct concern to relevant communities, with an emphasis on preventing or reducing these concerns.