Semester abroad provides more travel for Imogen

Pictured is the university Imogen is studying at during her semester abroad
Pictured is the university Imogen is studying at during her semester abroad

Brechiner Imogen Sherrit is once more away on her travels, this time as part of her university degree.

Imogen, who is in her second year of international business management at Robert Gordon University, is in Mannheim, Germany for a semester abroad.

Similar to her trip to the USA, where she attended an American high school for a year, Imogen is blogging about her experiences.

While the trip to USA prepared her for living in another country, the differing language is a new experience. Writing on her blog, she explained: “Being in a country for a long period of time where the native language is not your first is a totally new experience for me and a bit strange at first, but I’m slowly getting used to it.”

However, she is using the opportunity to improve her German, and has signed up for German language courses.

Although studying, Imogen has been able to travel to other areas of Germany, including a trip to Berlin with a group called VISUM, who organise trips and events for international students.

She was able to visit sites such as the Holocaust memorial, the old Luftwaffe HQ, what the remains of the Berlin wall and the German Parliament.

During her trip, she has been ticking off things from her ‘Germany Buck List’, which included visit Heidelberg and attending an ice hockey game between Mannheim and Prague.

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