Serving up fish, chips and twins

Hands full: Pictured, back from left, are: Robbie with Riley, Michaela with Keirra, Hayley with Kennedy and Andrew with Keanu. Pictured front are Kade and Miller.
Hands full: Pictured, back from left, are: Robbie with Riley, Michaela with Keirra, Hayley with Kennedy and Andrew with Keanu. Pictured front are Kade and Miller.

YOU MAY be forgiven for thinking the Ashvale Fish Restaurant had added a special recipe to their fish following the delivery of two sets of twins to two employees within days of each other but it has been confirmed that nothing fishy was going on other than a coincidence.

Assistant manager Michaela Strachan and general assistant Hayley Holland were surprised to learn they were both due twins within eight weeks of one another, so you can imagine their shock when they delivered the twins within just two days of each another.

Welcoming their set of twins into the world first was Michaela and her partner Robbie Hill on October 31.

Just three weeks early, which is considered full term with twins, the youngsters were born within 12 minutes of each other.

First to arrive was Keirra weighing a healthy 5lbs 12oz with brother Riley just two ounces heavier at 5lbs 14oz.

Kierra and Riley are brother and sister to Kade Mudie aged four.

Michaela said: “It was a nice surprise to find out we were expecting twins.

“I had to get induced at 37 weeks, and was moved to Montrose from Ninewells the day after I had them. I was in Montrose for a night and got home the next day.”

With the babies settling well to their new homes Michaela and Robbie have said they will have no plans to have any more children.

With a due date of January 31 Hayley and partner Andrew Nestorow may have thought they had plenty of time to prepare for their new arrivals, however their turn came only two days after Michaela and Robbie, delivery twin girls Kennedy and Keanu on November 2.

At 13 weeks early Kennedy was first to arrive by caesarean section weighing just 1lb 7oz followed a minute later by Keanu who weight only 2lb 3oz.

Both girls have spent much of their young lives in hospital with Kennedy only being allowed home on Monday, February 11.

Hayley said: “When I was 16 weeks pregnant it was first thought that the twins had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, where one of the twins steals all the vitamins and nutrients from the other.

“I had to have scans every week and then ended up having scans twice a week at the end of the pregnancy.

“I went in for a routine scans and they found that Kennedy’s heart had slowed down and it was the option of having them now it I could end up losing them, so I was rushed down for an emergency section.

“They were on incubators, ventilators, had infections, everything. They are very lucky girls.”

Keanu spent the first nine weeks of her life in hospital and Kennedy was in for 14 weeks before she got home.

Now at home Kennedy is still on oxygen, a complication for being so premature, resulting in her having chronic lung disease, however it is only temporary and she should be off the oxygen by the age of six months.

The girls are sisters to four-year-old Leland and Miller who turns three next week.

Stuart Devine, operations director at the Ashvale said: “It is fantastic news and good for the future as there are now plenty of recruits.

“There is no special recipe added to the fish, it’s just a coincidence. I hope.”